General Info
Fetishist looking to share my fun with others (Both on- and offline)
Hi there. I mostly specialize in videos of my fetishes, though I may post the occasional "normal" porn video (depending, of course, on your own definition of the term "normal").
GOLDEN RULE: If you're NOT into the things I'm into, PLEASE don't waste your time by looking at my content and leaving nasty comments. I can't stand ignorant idiots who bitch about my turn-ons just because they don't understand them. There are other guys here who happen to have some things in common with me, and therefore we don't want to see/hear your hasty, brash "opinions". I don't give two shits if you think the things I'm into are "weird". You are NOT doing yourself any favours by supposedly "making yourself heard", and it doesn't make you any bigger, harder, funnier or cleverer; it just makes you look like a complete ass. If you only came to my page expecting to see my cock and ass and nothing more, then you might as well click the Back button because I do a LOT more than simply showing my bits. Just be grateful that I include them in (almost) all of my stuff.
That aside...
I'm a short guy in my early 20's, from the Yorkshire region in England (If anyone lives near me and has similar interests to me, you might want to drop me a message ;) ). I can be a bit shy at times, but I'm quite friendly and open-minded. However, I can also be somewhat fussy and easy to annoy. Don't let that put you off, though. Just be nice and I won't bark or bite. ;)
There are a lot of things that turn me on, and hence the majority of my content is based around those things. However, there is almost an equal number of things that turn me the other way, and you'd do well to take those into account as well.
In any case, enjoy my stuff (or at least try to!). Peace out.
Turn Ons
Wetlook (Getting wet in clothes), Costumes (several kinds), Masks (More than just the kinky ones), Noses, Guys with big noses, Nose-Play (e.g. Nuzzling, Nose-licking, nose-sucking, etc.), Urolagnia/water sports (Getting pissed on), Business suits/Shirts & Ties, Rubber, Latex, Leather, Lycra, Spandex, Zentai, Light Bondage, Wrestlers, Bears, Daddies, Furries, Fursuits, Nude men/Male nudity, Penises, Erections, Bulges, Men's asses, Glory holes, Sex toys, Masturbation, "Milking", Blowjobs, Deep throat, Face-fucking, Nose-to-Genital contact, Anal sex (as long as it's safe), Fingering, Frottage, Exposure/Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Dogging, Rimming, Anonymous sex/Sex with strangers, Being filmed, Filming other guys, Being a pig (both literally and figuratively), Sexual noises (Moaning, grunting, snorting, etc.), Fat guys/Chubbies, Black guys, Asian guys, Long hair
Turn Offs
Feet, Dirty/Smelly Footwear, Blood/Gore, Vomit, Scat/Shit/Poop, Urophagia (Drinking urine), Precum, Drugs, Alcohol, Pain (e.g. Spanking), Fisting, Barebacking (I like seeing it, but I wouldn't do it), Discipline, Sadomasochism, Kissing with Tongues/French kissing, Having my cock scratched by a sucker's teeth, Needles, Chavs/Scallies/"Lads", Gay stereotypes, Feminine men/Queens, Flamboyant/camp people, Transvestites/Cross-dressers, Elderly men (65/70+), Unhygienic people, Liars/Fakers, Teasers, Time wasters, Rude/narrow-minded/ignorant people, Attitude/Ego/Drama/Rant/Angst queens/whores, People who don't understand my fetishes and people who insult me because of my fetishes, Lack of respect/tolerance
Star Wars series, Spiderman series, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Shrek series, James Bond series, Jim Carrey films, Steve Martin films
Playing video games, doing stuff on my PC, surfing the Net, drawing stuff, swimming & bathing (especially with my clothes on!), dressing up in costumes, playing with my nose, masturbating to gay porn
A bit of everything. Depends on the artist and song. I mostly like video game music, some classical music and a bit of rock music.

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